The project includes collaborators from KTH and SICS, some of which have been listed below.

Senior Reseacher

Seif Haridi, Professor at KTH, and Chief Scientist at SICS
Bengt Ahlgren, Director of SICS Center for Networked Systems
Vladimir Vlassov, Associate Professor at KTH
Jim Dowling, Assistant Professor at KTH, and Senior Researcher at SICS
Ali Ghodsi, Assistant Professor at KTH, and Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley
Per Brand, Senior Researcher at SICS
Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Assistant Professor at KTH
Anders Lindgren, Senior Researcher at SICS

Completed PhD

Ahmad Al-Shishtawy
Tallat Mahmood Shafaat
Cosmin Arad
Amir H. Payberah
Roberto Roverso
Raul Jimenez
John Ardelius
Henrik Abrahamsson
Fatemeh Rahimian

PhD Students

Niklas Ekström
Salman Niazi
Mahmoud Ahmed Ismail Ahmed
Jingna Zeng
Vasiliki Kalavri
Paris Carbone
Ying Liu
Martin Neumann

Cooperating industry partners

Per Karlsson, Research Manager of CDN and Cloud Computing at Ericsson Research
Göran Olofsson, Research Director of Networks at TeliaSonera
Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Peerialism
Jan Sparud, Chief Architect at Recorded Future
Kimmo Gläborg, Managing Director of Nordic Countries at Erlang Solutions
Tobias Ivarsson, Senior Engineer at Neo4j